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Kgadeken, fox tree art, illustrator, writer surface designer

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Public Speaking

One of my favorite things is to craft a presentation for each particular audience. I do it in a storytelling fashion, complete with cartoons and life lessons. I've worked in public education for over ten years and before that led Children's Ministries and taught Sunday School for a hundred years. I have plenty of experience speaking to kids and adults. Both in person and on line.​ Click here if you'd like to know more.


Stefanie B.

1st Grade Teacher

"Kathleen Gadeken was the perfect presenter for our first grade team. She is engaging, warm, and has tons of knowledge. Not only does she teach about the process of creating a book, she hones in on having grit, determination, and perseverance. I would highly recommend her and our team can't wait to have her back!" 

Joe V.

4th Grade Teacher

“Kathleen was a phenomenal speaker at our school! Her content was age appropriate and it related to what students were learning in school. She was very engaging and had students interested throughout the entire presentation.”

Allison S.

Regional Advisor, SCBWI

"Kathleen Gadeken gives inspiring presentations filled with concrete, actionable advice for people trying to live a fulfilling creative life. Kathleen is talented, kind, and inspirational. I highly recommend her as a speaker!"
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